Just Had an Electrical Fire?

Burnt house window

Basic Fire Damage Restoration Tips

Fire damage restoration on walls

With a fire, there is always some form of smoke damage on walls, ceilings etc. When it is not too bad, try scrubbing it off with bleach and detergent. However, be aware that soot from smoke damage can be quite greasy, so try to dust as much off as you can before taking water to it. Usually, most people will just repaint, however, make sure all the surfaces are clean and dry before you use any paint on them.

Removing mold and mildew

Another issue regarding fire damage restoration is the water used to put the fire out. This generally results in mold and mildew growing, we at [cn] in [ln] recommend only professionals should deal with this, as they can be potentially hazardous, in addition to contaminating carpets, clothes, furniture mattresses, walls etc. The best thing to do is to immediately air out every room and install dehumidifiers.

Repairing damaged floors and carpets

With all the water used to put out a fire, the likes of floors and carpets will absorb most of it. In nearly every case, it is advisable you remove all carpets and replace them. Also, water does seep under vinyl floors and into hardwood, so this will have to be addressed too. Should you have experience with flooring, then you can deal with the damage yourself, however, most of us will need to call in a professional for help.

Clean clothing

Cleaning smoke from clothing is the biggest job you will have after a fire. Our biggest tip is to not smear the greasy soot into your clothing, most of the times dry cleaning will be your best bet, but ask first if your local dry cleaners have any experience dealing with this type of thing.

If you have been unfortunate enough to have suffered a fire, and need help with the restoration process, then call us today, on [phone].

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