Not Sure What to Look for in a Demolitions Expert?

An excavator demolishing two store commercial building

Tips on How to Find and Hire a Demolition Contractor

Find a demolition service who specializes in the kind of work you want to be done
Should you be doing a home remodeling job, then you may need a company who specializes in residential demolition. Contact a few local services and ask each one what their specialties are. Put all these companies on a short list for you to perform more background checks on later. Read More…

Just Had an Electrical Fire?

Burnt house window

Basic Fire Damage Restoration Tips

Fire damage restoration on walls

With a fire, there is always some form of smoke damage on walls, ceilings etc. When it is not too bad, try scrubbing it off with bleach and detergent. However, be aware that soot from smoke damage can be quite greasy, so try to dust as much off as you can before taking water to it. Usually, most people will just repaint, however, make sure all the surfaces are clean and dry before you use any paint on them. Read More…

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